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Bon C Bon moves to a bigger, better location!

Aug 24, 2022
The Suburban

Bon C Bon has come a long way since Caroline Ross started cooking and packaging meals in her NDG apartment nearly fifteen years ago. She and her husband and business partner, Michael Verrall, just put the finishing touches on their new, bigger location in Saint Laurent. With two guys still installing the sign above the door, the staff were busily assembling meals - Shepherd's pie, Irish stew, lasagna, and other favourites.

Bon C Bon eventually moved to a shared kitchen downtown, then to Dorval, and then to Lasalle, where they had been for years.

And then the Covid-19 lockdown hit... Read More

Dinner's always ready with Bon C Bon!

  • We love Bon C Bon!

    Their amazing homecooked meals have been a game changer for us. Now our evenings are enjoyable -we actually have quality family time and we get to eat delicious food together! No stress, no fuss, no muss - Bon C Bon saves the day!

    Natasha Hall (CJAD)

  • I like to cook...

    But for those days when I just don't feel like it, or don't have time, but still want to serve my kids a home-cooked meal, there's Bon C Bon. I have my favourites - the shrimp, the jerk chicken, braised beef. But there's always more to discover. And it's all delicious. They're proud of what they do there. With good reason.

    Dan Laxer (CJAD)

  • Bon C Bon is great for me…

    Because after working/practicing long hours, sometimes I want to just come home, nap, call my fam, watch film, relax and have a good meal. I don’t have to worry about going out to eat (over spending) or preparing a meal every night. Bon C Bon is there for me with great tasting food and it’s easy to prepare. And I love their desserts!! Merci Bon C Bon!

    Vernon Adams Jr. (Montreal Quarterback)

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