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Healthy, tasty, time savingreally awesome!
As an active family, before BonCBon, it was hard for us to keep up and we would end up wasting so much food. Getting BonCBon meals allows us to free up time to do various activities and enables enjoyable family dinners during the week. Industrial ready-made food available at grocery stores contains very high levels of sodium, sugar, artificial substances, etc. BonCBon is made with the attention and ingredients of homemade food!

Dominique and family, "Happy customers since 2010"


We have been weekly customers of Bon C Bon since they moved here to Dorval in early 2010. Caroline and Michael offer a great service at an affordable price. They are open, friendly, accessible and offer fabulous meals. Their home delivery service of freshly made meals is greatly appreciated. Bon C Bon is an asset to our community.

Pat and Jane Dubee, Dorval


Apr鑚 plusieurs recherches sur le Web pour trouver un bon Traiteur nous avons enfin trouver la ”Perle rare” des Bon C Bon traiteur. Imm馘iatement notre attention se porta sur la pr駸entation de leur menu tr鑚 professionnel. Un menu complet ayant une grande vari騁駸 de mets. Les produits sont frais, sant, portion 駲uilibr馥 savoureux et goteux il y en a pour tous les gots.

De plus, ajouter tout cela un service courtois domicile, vous avez des questions il n’y a qu’a demander Caroline ou Micheal nos experts, les explications vous seront donn駸 avec un beau sourire.

Depuis le d饕ut avec Bon C Bon nous les appr馗ions de plus en plus, sa nous donne un moment de r駱it nous sommes tr鑚 satisfaits et n’en demandons pas plus, seulement que sa continue. Bonne chance dans les affaires vous avez tous les bons ingr馘ients pour r騏ssir.

Jacques & Huguette T., Pierrefonds


Thank you Bon C Bon for the services you offer as well as delivering your product to our parent’s door! You have no idea what a relief it is to my sister and I to be able to offer them meals that are healthy and made from the heart. We looked at your site and you put a smile on our faces when you mentioned meal time filled with debates and knock-knock jokes as you supply the food. That is exactly what dinner is at our homes. We think this idea is fabulous! Struggling every day trying to figure out what to make for dinner, let alone trying to make a healthy and well-balanced meal is a challenge, and yet, food is key to the healing process!

I think Bon C Bon offers more than just a service. You are offering my sister and I peace of mind. You are offering my parents the chance to get back on their feet. You are taking away the stress that often comes with preparing meals or figuring out what to make. Nathalie and I can now rest at ease in knowing our parents will have nutritional meals at their disposal, and that is an essential element in staying healthy, mentally and physically!!!

We also loved your personal touch and the variety in the menus and found the price to be very affordable. We are very hopeful that we have found a solution that will give us peace of mind and that our parents will accept this gift. Keep up the good work! And thank you for caring and making a difference in people’s lives.

Nathalie H., Toronto & Catherine C., Montreal


The surprise we had yesterday was so special to Pierre and myself. We are going through a difficult time, for a short period, but your service came at the perfect time. Our daughters are angels and Bon C Bon will help us to recover sooner and better.

P.S. Your portions are perfect for both of us and the food is excellent!

Lorraine & Pierre C., Mont Saint Hilaire


I am happy to report that your lasagna was heavenly as well as the pork tenderloins and the gazpacho. I don’t see my parents often but today I heard them smile! It had been a while. Meal time was something that they didn’t look forward to anymore but Bon C Bon has changed that.

Words cannot express our gratitude that you went out of your way, and the little kindnesses that you showed our parents during your short visit will not soon be forgotten and the note you sent them today was very special and once again demonstrated how very special Bon C Bon is!

Nathalie H., Toronto


Being 700 miles away from Montreal poses many challenges to caring for an elderly parent. Bon C Bon has lifted a major burden from my shoulders. Thanks for filling a need by providing this much-needed service.

With a simple click of the mouse, I can select from a well-planned menu that offers a weekly variety of dishes, or opt for one of the tried-and-true, old-fashioned comfort foods also on the menu. Each meal is appetizing, nutritious, well-presented and most important, a treat for the taste buds. A culinary feat and the friendly, cheerful service is an added plus!

Bon C Bon is a godsend!

Helene D., U.S.A


We love the food very much. Every night we look over at each other and say ‘It’s good eh?’ We really do love it, thank you.

Jane H., Baie D’Urf


Bon C Bon provides a friendly and punctual door-to-door service; Caroline and Michael not only appreciate customer input, they request and act on it. For individuals and families without the time to cook balanced and nutritious meals, Bon C Bon is the optimal choice.

The meals themselves are delicious, contain no preservatives, and the portions are just right. There is a great deal of variety and Caroline and Michael are more than willing to accommodate specific requests for certain comfort foods.

Dr & Mrs. Phil S., Montreal


Bon C Bon is a very helpful service that has made our lives and nutritional intake much better and easier! It has enhanced our quality of life *since* ’08, so thank you very much for that, and congratulations on a successful business!

Katherine P. & Mark B., Montreal West


It’s a pleasure to eat your food and to receive such a wonderful service.

Claire J., St.L駮nard


Figured it’s time to let you know how much Barb, Evie and I have enjoyed the Bon C Bon meal service every week since we heard of it in August.

From the variety of meals on the menu to how you have managed to have so few repeats in the six months that we have been ordering as well as the quality of food and the excellent service. We couldn’t ask for more!

Nothing better than having a yummy meal with so little effort, keep up the good work!

Marilyn M., Ville Saint-Laurent


For several months now my wife and I have been nourished by weekly deliveries of our favorite choices from the Bon C Bon menu. This has happened at a time when both of us seniors have had health issues, and being spared the need to plan, shop, and cook, has been very welcome. However, now that our health is restored, we have no intention of abandoning the delights of Bon C Bon: We are now quite addicted to the variety, quality of preparation, and beautiful presentation which nourishes both body and soul. Even the cheerful personal moment of delivery has become a high point of our week.

Long may Bon C Bon flourish.

Robert and Marion V., Plateau Mont Royal


Bon C Bon helps solve a big problem at our house! I don’t much like cooking or deciding what to eat every day, but I do like eating good food, so it’s great to know that I can go to the fridge or freezer and pull out a delicious, nutritious, well-balanced meal and just heat it up. I also like Bon C Bon’s portion sizes.

Janice H. and Harold R., Montreal West


Your food is Yummy! I sense the combination of skill and love that you put into your business. The love portion is a dying art.

Gerard B., Ville Saint Laurent

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