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Bon C Bon moves to a bigger, better location

Bon C Bon moves to a bigger, better location

Aug 24, 2022
The Suburban

Bon C Bon has come a long way since Caroline Ross started cooking and packaging meals in her NDG apartment nearly fifteen years ago. She and her husband and business partner, Michael Verrall, just put the finishing touches on their new, bigger location in Saint Laurent. With two guys still installing the sign above the door, the staff were busily assembling meals – Shepherd’s pie, Irish stew, lasagna, and other favourites.

Bon C Bon eventually moved to a shared kitchen downtown, then to Dorval, and then to Lasalle, where they had been for years.

And then the Covid-19 lockdown hit.

They feared that, like so many other businesses, they would have to shut down, until they got the message from the provincial government that they were an essential service.

As a chef, Caroline could have opened a restaurant or an emporium, but decided on a prepared meal service.

“I wanted to get families back around the dinner table,” she says. “I wanted people and families to be sitting together at least three times a week, to be able to catch up on what’s going on in their lives.” That’s how Michael was raised, with a family of eight around the dinner table, at dinnertime, no matter what. Caroline was not. But it’s something they both missed.

Having a bigger kitchen means they can streamline their operation to get more meals to busy Montrealers who want that family dinner, but either don’t have time to cook, or they just need a break. They get orders from out-of-town parents whose kids study here, or from adult children who have moved away, who order for their ageing parents.

And they’re hiring; a new, bigger operation needs dedicated, hard-working staff to ensure that, as their slogan puts it, dinner’s always ready with Bon C Bon.

Bon C Bon can be reached online at www.boncbon.com or by calling (514) 358-2669. They are located at 2080 rue Grenet, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 4Y9


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