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July 19th Menu - ORDER FOR 2 WEEKS!

Summer Holiday - Order for 2 weeks!
There will be no delivery on July 26th

Please note that the Bon C Bon weekly meal delivery service will be closed as of
Monday July 20th, 2020 through Tuesday July 28th, 2020 inclusively.
The menu for the week of August 2nd will be posted throughout!

Get your order in early so you can enjoy your summer!

Orders may be placed anytime between NOW and Wednesday July 15th
BEFORE NOON for you to receive them on Sunday July 19th.

(For a listing of ingredients and allergen icons please click on the images.)

Thaï Shrimp Fried Rice

Bursting with flavor, our delicious non-fried rice is a great healthy option!

From $13.49
Homestyle Meat Stuffed Peppers

Tender peppers stuffed with meat, vegetables and rice in our marinara.

From $12.99
Grilled BBQ Chicken

Grilled chicken breast with our homemade BBQ sauce and tangy coleslaw.
Add extra chicken.

From $13.69
Extra Chicken (80 gr.) $4.00/Portion
Lemon Yogurt Chicken

Our version of Shish Taouk is marinated and sautéed, then tossed in our lemon yogurt garlic sauce.

From $13.69
Pasta with Pesto and Pine Nuts

Pasta tossed with Garden pesto and toasted pine nuts. Enjoy hot or cold. Add sautéed chicken or shrimp.

From $12.99
Chicken $4.00/portion
Shrimp $5.00/portion

Salads etc.

Green Salad with Walnuts and Goat Cheese

Served with our pomegranate vinaigrette. Add grilled chicken or shrimp.

From $12.99
Chicken $4.00/portion
Shrimp $5.00/portion
Extra Vinaigrette $1.00
Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl

A healthy option, topped with our homemade teriyaki. Add Grilled Chicken or Salmon.

From $12.99
Chicken $4.00/portion
Salmon $5.00/portion
Extra Vinaigrette $1.00


Persian Chickpea Salad

A lemony Persian salad. Fresh ingredients simply prepared! Healthy eating made easy!

From $6.50
Tuna Pasta Salad

A tangy mix of tuna, vegetables and olives. Fresh ingredients simply prepared! Healthy eating made easy!

From $6.50

Comfort food

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

Our twist on a classic dish with a special blend of middle eastern spices.

From $9.89
Terrific Turkey Chili

A HEALTHY medium spiced chili made with lean ground turkey and loaded with vegetables!

From $13.39
Braised Beef with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Our melt in your mouth braised beef has heavenly depth of flavor!

From $13.59

Sweet Sensations

Orange Infused Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberries pair so well with orange.

From $9.99
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