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How it works

  • How it works
BonCBon Aliments | Foods Inc.


Aliments | Foods Inc.

Bon C Bon can save you hours of shopping and cooking time!
In keeping with today's healthy choices our meals are well-balanced, low in sodium, free from trans-fats, artificial ingredients, MSG and preservatives.

  • It's like being in a first class hotel with room service.

    The food is presented such that it even looks attractive. Don't have to shop for the ingredients, prepare the meals or do the clean-up afterwards.

    A Happy Customer - Carolyn H.

  • Healthy, tasty, time saving... really awesome!

    As an active family, before BonCBon, it was hard for us to keep up and we would end up wasting so much food. Getting BonCBon meals allows us to free up time to do various activities and enables enjoyable family dinners during the week. Industrial ready-made food available at grocery stores contains very high levels of sodium, sugar, artificial substances, etc. BonCBon is made with the attention and ingredients of homemade food!

    Dominique and family, "Happy customers since 2010"

  • I can't wait to test this out.

    Caroline and Michael offer a great service at an affordable price. They are open, friendly, accessible and offer fabulous meals. Their home delivery service of freshly made meals is greatly appreciated. Bon C Bon is an asset to our community.

    Pat and Jane Dubee, Dorval

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